What is Generic Medicine

What Is The Generic Medicine?

Generic Medicine is merely an alternative brand of a drug. It contains a similar active ingredient as the first drug in the same prescribed dose and strength. It’s absorbed into the body at the same speed.

When a pharmaceutical company first discovers a new medicine, it usually applies for a patent and is granted one. A patent freely allows the pharmaceutical company to manufacture its drug and sell it only for some time without competition.

Once the patent expires, competition is allowed, and other companies can make and sell generic versions of the original brand of medicine.

Side Effects of Generic Medicine

If you are thinking about whether you should buy generic medication because each of the drugs has its set of side effects. Let us tell you that the intensity of the side effects depends on the amount of intake of the Drug.

This means that if you are prescribed generic pills, make sure that you know everything about the drug, without which it is dangerous to start the intake. You should also make sure that you take the help of a prescription while taking the medication as it can also help you during a medical emergency.

Are Generic Medicines as Good as Their Brand Names?

If you want to know whether generic pills are as good as their brand names or not. Then we must tell you that the manufacturers who are manufacturing them must prove to the FDA that their version of a drug:-

  • Contains the same active ingredient.
  • Is identical in strength.
  • Dosage form, and method of administration.
  • Has the same indications, dosing, and labeling.
  • Provides the same efficacy and prescription to patients.

Can Generic Pills Be Considered Safe?

We already told you that generic drugs and pills should prove to be safe and effective by the FDA. Therefore, the FDA requires generic drug manufacturers to:-

  • Meet the same requirements for strength, purity, and quality as the original manufacturer.
  • Follow the rules related to good manufacturing practices.

Why Does Generic Medicine Look Different Than Their Brand Names?

The trademark laws of the U.S. don’t allow generic pills to look similar to another drug already available in the market. For that reason, the color and shape of pills could be different than their brand names.

Sometimes, generic pills will have a different coating or flavor. It is also considered to be of prime importance by the FDA.

Why Is Generic Medicine Cheaper?

Some brand name manufacturers charge their customers higher prices in the U.S. than in other countries or states. Because the drug prices are regulated in these places. Brand name manufacturers spend dollars in the marketing of new drugs to sell them to doctors and the general public.

On the other hand, manufacturers of Generic Medicine hardly spend any money on advertising and marketing. Through which they keep their costs down and profit margin higher. This makes generic pills more accessible than their brand names for the general public.

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