Most Common Top 6 Chronic Diseases in USA

Most Common Top 6 Chronic Diseases in USA

Chronic diseases and USA: An Underrated Danger

This article explores the current situation of chronic diseases in the USA. Parameters like disease condition, mental condition, behavioral condition, effects on life are evaluated.

Not just in the USA, but worldwide, people are facing this evil. Chronic diseases affect people physically, financially as well as emotionally. They require long-term treatment and medications. People are required to visit their doctors regularly, and lifelong monitoring is done.

People fall into depression gradually because regular hospital visits, expensive bills, and medications often cost a person’s mental health. They get demotivated and lose interest in life.

The bitter truth of chronic diseases

Chronic disease is a physical or mental disorder that lasts for more than a year and needs constant treatment. It hampers any vital work within the body. It affects the other organs functioning as well and leads to severe symptoms.

Nearly 45% of Americans have at least one chronic disease. It costs people not only monetarily but also psychologically. Diseases like Cancer, CKD, depression often harm the quality of life of patients and his family.

As per data, the six topmost common chronic diseases in the USA are Hypertension, High cholesterol, Arthritis,  Coronary heart disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Kidney Disease. They drive the health care sector with costly expenses.

Age, environment, genetics, and stress have extensively affected people’s health. 80% of adults above 65 have at least one chronic disease, while 68% have two or more. Every family has a history or present case of chronic disease. People are getting difficult to manage them and get opportunities to live a normal life.


Talking about the most common chronic disease among the USA population, we have HYPERTENSION. 58% of adults are being treated for hypertension or high blood pressure problem. When the heart pumps too much blood, but the narrow arteries block the flow, high blood pressure is created.

Too much stress or excessive physical activity often leads to this condition. It may lead to heart strokes or failure and lasts longer life.

Maintaining a daily mild exercise schedule or walking is recommended to control hypertension. Low salt intake is advised. Regular monitoring of blood pressure is necessary.

People must effectively handle their stress levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle for enjoying life’s opportunities.

High cholesterol

47% of adults suffer from high cholesterol problems. It is a condition in which the body has excess deposits of fats resulting in blockage in the arteries leading to heart disease. It increases the chances of heart strokes.

Poor diet or diet rich in fats is the primary reason. Alcohol consumption or smoking is also responsible for it.

Being active and having a healthy diet is key to remaining safe from high cholesterol.

It often leads to artery-blocking, which increases the probability of future strokes. Angioplasty is performed for unblocking the arteries and getting the patient in a safe condition.


31% of adults are suffering the menace of Arthritis. It is a condition in which the joints get inflamed and stiffened. It is highly painful, and movement becomes difficult. It is more common in women.

Take a healthy diet and exercise at least five times a day. It is a primary treatment for arthritis. Maintain a healthy weight to move freely. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.

Joint replacement surgeries are being performed for extreme cases. However, it is a lifelong relief but not pocket-friendly for an average population.

Coronary heart disease

Another major challenge in front of the healthcare sector is Ischemic or coronary heart disease. 29% of seniors are going through this disease. In this condition, a plaque-like layer is developed in the arteries that resist the blood flow to the heart. It increases the chances of heart attacks or failures, blood clots, etc.

Few habits can let you get relief from this disease. Daily exercise, proper sleep, and a healthy diet are necessary to keep this disease under control.

Avoid unhealthy habits like alcohol or smoking. Reduce saturated or trans fat in your diet. Manage your stress levels to keep blood pressure under control.

Angioplasty, heart surgery, valve replacement, etc., are being done by doctors and surgeons to relieve patients. It is usually a costly treatment and demands lifelong monitoring and medications. 


Diabetes has emerged as a massive threat to the population. 27% of adults are suffering from Diabetes. It is a condition in which the body is unable to produce insulin in the proper amount. Earlier, which energy was distributed among body cells, is now turned as high blood sugar and may cause damage to kidney liver or heart. Blindness is also reported sometimes. It is even common in younger generations. In such a scenario, you have to take care of your diet the most. Keep a record of sweets you take or carbohydrates. Keep monitoring your blood sugar levels.

Maintain a daily exercise routine. Avoid intake of alcohol or smoking.

Chronic Kidney Disease

18% of adults today are suffering from CKD or Chronic kidney disease. It is a deadly disease in which kidney function slows over time. Some may get infected, or some may get shrink in size. People with CKD develop more chances to get heart disease or kidney damage. Diabetes or hypertension are the additional dangers of this disease.

People should regularly get their checkups and follow a suitable diet. Early detection can effectively help in curing this disease.

Usually, a dialysis procedure is being done for such patients to replace the functioning of the kidney, which is to remove the toxins and extra water content from the blood. It is a painful experience as people get dependent on it for their life.

Renal transplant is the extreme option which is quite costly and risky.

Other Deadly Diseases

Other chronic diseases like lungs disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, are also prominent in modern times. They ruin the lives of people on a large scale. There is an essential need for regular check-ups. Daily exercise or meditation, a healthy diet is essential to keep oneself safe from harmful diseases.

Stress management must be taught to people. It is the root cause of many chronic diseases. Unhealthy habits of alcohol, drugs, or smoking must be regulated.

Cancer is another primary chronic disease. Various types of cancer can give a painful experience. Adulterated food, preservatives, smoking are generally considered the main reason for increasing cancer cases. Chemotherapies and surgeries are the only treatment for this deadly disease.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is yet another disease. 11% of adults are suffering from this disease. It makes it hard to breathe and causes severe cough and chest tightness. Smoking habit and pollution is considered significant factor leading to this chronic disease

All these diseases demand excess expenditures and cost one financially and emotionally.

How do these chronic diseases ruin the life of people?

Suffering from any chronic disease considerably affects the life of patients as well s their family. It deteriorates them not only financially but also psychologically. Frequent hospitalization, constant monitoring, lifelong medications affect the mental health of people. They gradually lose interest in life.

Patients and their families are unable to live their daily life normally. People often fall into Depression.

Costly medicines and treatments ruin people financially. Treatment like dialysis or Transplants are usually ultra-expensive and carry a significant risk of getting unsuccessful.

The side effects of chemotherapy are well known. People lose their confidence and gradually become emotionally and physically weak.

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